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The Bodyguard II



Coming 2023

Santiago King is a ruthless mafia king.  He had ruled the underworld under his father Tiago King.  He was merciless, a cold bloodied killer...But he had a soft spot for his best friend since child hood, Jaylene Love.  
The two did everything together.  They fought, they killed, they laugh, they love, hell their motto was live together and die together.  Everything was going as it should be until she came into the picture.  Then another and the best friends knew nothing would be the same.  Though try as they might, the world seemed to keep them apart.  Including the man who brought them together Tiago King. 
Drown out by regrets and sorrow, Santiago King might have to die alone and their motto will be nothing but a faded memory.  With everyone against them will Santiago King find his way back from the underworld or will he let himself be swallow and thrown off a cliff and no where to climb out from.
-For mature audience only-

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